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Saturday Rides

Saturday rides have three levels of routes to accommodate riders with different levels of ability. Lunch stops are included. Saturday rides start at different times at the discretion of the ride leader. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time as noted in the Roadrunner or Calendar for the ride you are choosing.
NOTE: Pace is not the same as average speed. Pace is the approximate speed on level ground
A Rides: These are designed for the stronger riders. Covering 40-80 miles at a 15-20 mph pace averaging over 3,000' of elevation.
B Rides: These are designed for the intermediate level rider. Covering 25-50 miles at a 12-16 mph pace averaging less than 3,000' of elevation.
C Rides:  These are designed for riders looking for a more leisurely ride. Covering 25-35 miles at a 10-14 mph pace averaging 2,000' of elevation.
These ride level descriptions are quite broad as specific rides may not exactly fit the description. They may be over or under by as much as 5 miles and or 300’. If you have questions about a ride you are considering, please contact the ride leader.

Start location

Saturday rides start from different locations each week, and very often the A and B rides have different start points vs the C ride. Check the Rides Calendar for the exact location.
The club e-mail list will detail any last minute changes or cancellations. Check the latest emails via our Cycling Forums 
If you would like to print out a two-month schedule of Saturday rides, go to the latest issue of the Roadrunner and print the two pages of rides.

Safety First

Please review our Rides Policy before joining your first SCCCC ride.
If you would like more information on Saturday rides, please contact the Saturday Ride Coordinator, .